Virtual HERLA Facility

VHERLA is a virtualized OpenStack HPC Cluster, built over several years to crunch Molecular Science problems within the Herla Project, a joint informal project between

Deparments of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology,
Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Physics and Geology -
University of Perugia

INFN Perugia

ISTM - The Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies -
UOS Perugia - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

The hardware resources for this VHERLA "incarnation" have been provided, through a Virtual Datacenter, by the GARR Consortium, on the GARR Cloud Platform. Have a look to its presentation.
A special thanks to Alex Barchiesi.

Useful links

° VHERLA Grid Report
  The status of the cluster and its resources

° Lmod: modules documentation
  Commands "ml avail", "ml help", from shell command line

° Torque: submitting jobs
  "qsub -I" to get an interactive shell on a node

° The Maui Scheduler, our parallel scheduler


° 13/07/18
GARR Cloud resources allocation

° 15/07/18 - 31/07/18
VHERLA tests - 2017 images developed at
FisGeo & INFN Perugia for School on Open Science Cloud

° 01/08/18 - 31/08/18
Applications benchmarking

° 3rd to 28th September 2018
Reservation for XIII-EM-TCCM
European Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling
13th International Intensive Course

Messages of the Day

° 24/08/18
Welcome to XIII-EM-TCCM teachers!
Your accounts are ready.

° 30/08/18
Be careful about /home disk space.

° 03/09/18
Welcome to XIII-EM-TCCM students.

° 10/09/18
gnuplot is available on the master node.

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